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Therapist offers a variety of services and modalities for your scheduled appointment. Each session can be tailored and combined to fit your needs. Hot towels, aromatherapy and Biofreeze added upon request.

Therapeutic Massage

Cupping Therapy


Helps to alleviate stress and pain in the body. This type of massage can help increase relaxation along with reduce muscle soreness and tension throughout. Therapeutic Massage can aid in lowering blood pressure, improving circulation and reenergize the body. Varied pressure depending on clients desire and tolerated level. 

Cupping is used to help decrease pain, increase blood flow and promote a sense of well-being.  Classified as a type of deep tissue massage. Silicone or plastic cups used. Cupping is used in conjunction with a typical massage session.

A type of therapy using gentle pressure to the feet, ears and/or hands on specific points to help make you feel better. These points are said to be connected to different areas of the body and helped promote a sense of well-being. 

CranioSacral Therapy
Swedish Massage
Hot Stone Massage

A light, full body experiences that helps support and respond to the central nervous system. It works with all areas of the body and it's systems to aid in a self helping form along with working with the systems natural rhythms of the body to pinpoint areas of needed attention.

A relaxing and therapeutic style of massage using upward strokes to help alleviate the body of aches, pains and increase relaxation. Usually performed using oils, lotions or creams. Swedish massage helps improve circulation, decrease stress levels, increase joint mobility and many others.

Performed with the use of warm basalt stones. Hot stone massage is used to help increase relaxation and easy muscle tension. Your therapist will hold the stones and perform basic Swedish techniques as they use the heat from he stones as an aid. They can also be placed on areas of the body and left, with a protective barrier.

Sports Massage
Other services offered:

Sports massage is used to release and reduce muscle tension, rid the body of lactic acid build up from activity, increase mobility and many others. It is a targeted based work, focusing on areas of needed attention. This massage uses firm to deep pressure.

  • Geriatric Massage

  • Oncology

  • Blades (IASTM)

  • Chair Massage

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