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What we are all about

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Massages range from 30 minutes to 2 hour sessions in clinical and sports based techniques with emphasis on pain management, geriatrics, soft tissue injuries and rehabilitative modalities. Specific Health Massage Therapy listens to their clients and their needs. Kayla assess everything from your posture, gait and your profession, as it can cause imbalances noted in your body. 

A good massage with the right techniques should see results, although it may take time. Kayla likes to work closely with other professions to find the right kind of care for you. Her techniques are therapeutic based with a relaxing feel. In her years of practice, she has learned communication is key. Kayla will work with you to find what techniques may or may not work for you. She has a knack for finding specific areas of needed work and slowly working out the dysfunctions.

She does her best at being able to match your needs to specific techniques she offers. This is to help manage your pain, recover from injuries or just to relax. She will take the time to discuss your concerns when you walk in the door and what you might expect during your massage session. 

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