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Your massage session. How you want it.

Hey, did you know?

Massage is not a one size fits all therapy ?

Massage sessions are tailored to what you want and what you want worked on. I may be knowledgeable about how your body works but, you are the expert on your body. You live in it!

How one session goes for someone, won't be how yours goes, we are all different.

A few examples:

-Some people enjoy their feet being massaged,

not all.

-Some clients want just there upper body worked

on, others want full body.

-A few clients enjoy heat on the table, some don't.

-I've had clients want deeper pressure and some want light.

From massage lengths, areas of attention, add ons, techniques, warmth and all. Sessions are tailored for

you, your in control of how a session goes. I am

there to assist and perform the massage.

Let's talk about it before your session.

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