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4 massage myths debunked

There can be many stipulations surrounding massage and myths people believe which may have them questioning it all together.

While there may be many, I’m going touch on 4 I hear most often in my practice:

  1. The “no pain, no gain” method when going into a massage. This is not a great way to start a session. While some massages may make you feel sore during and potenicially after, it’s not an all or nothing approach to pressure.

Firmer can be beneficial when working more

Deep Tissue or even Sports Massage, but

even a softer approach has been shown to be beneficial when it comes to some people. Be sure to talk and speak up with your therapist about this, as too deep of a pressure can be harmful and not a pleasant experience for all.

2. Massage is just a luxury thing. False. As it is usually viewed this was as seen in spas and

high end places, it is so much more than that. While a nice relaxing massage is a great way to end your day and put us in a euphoric state, there are a number of health benefits from pain management to increasing range of motion in the neck. Massage affects all systems

of the body and poses a benefit to all.

3. All massages/sessions are the same. False. While people may get the same type of massage the amount of pressure, techniques

used, amount of time working in an area and

other factors varies. Not one type fits all people, just like anything else in life. Different modalities work for different people.

4. You have to tip your therapist. Fault. Like most places gratuity is always welcome, but not

expected. Some therapist factor in gratuity to

the price of their sessions, it never hurts to ask

if unsure. Places like clinics and hospitals tipping is sometimes not allowed due to the nature of the establishment. When in doubt, ask.

Tipping is always nice, but rebooking is sometimes even better!

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