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Tailoring your massage session

Weather your coming into your massage session for relaxation or therapeutic work, it can always be tailored to what you want.

Such things as:

•Amount of pressure •Lighting •Temperature

•Essential Oils



•Length of session

•Focused areas

•Kinesiology Taping






•and more….

These are just a number of examples in order to make your massage how you want it and to fit your needs. No one session is alike, due to the nature of your needs and wants during each session.

In order to communicate these things, communicating is always key. Talk with your therapist and discuss what your looking to get out of your massage and set goals. What is your overall goal for the session, after the session and for the next one. Your therapist may know what may work best, but you will always know what your body can handle.

When in doubt, always ask your therapist so you can make the most out of your experience.

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