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Massage and Geriatrics

If you didn't know already, massage is great for any age. Some therapists specialize specifically in different populations of people such as:

  • Prenatal

  • Hospice

  • Oncology

  • Sports/Athletes

  • Babies

  • Geriatrics

  • and so many others....

Most of use just know the general benefits a good massage can pose on our everyday hard working body's, but what does it do for specialized populations? We are going to dig a little deeper into the benefits massage has on the geriatric population.

Geriatric is defined as anyone over the age of 65 and old, within the age of receiving Medicare. Some people within this population, or any, can have complicated medical history which may change up what you do in a session. If this is the care, a more thorough intake is taken to understand what may or may not work for a person.

In our office, "a geriatric massage is performed using a light to moderate pressure throughout the session (depending on the person), 65-70+ years old. Techniques used are performed as a comforting touch to promote relaxation, decrease pain, increase ROM and stress reduction. Clients health conditions and medications are taken into consideration when tailoring massage. Positioning may vary depending on clients comfort level."

Based on the needs of the client, this type of massage can be done on the table, in a massage chair, in there sit-to-stand walker, or whatever is most comfortable for them. If our geriatric massage if being performed in there home, whatever positioning is comfortable for them to perform the massage can work. The therapist will then bring all their supplies to them, this can be most comfortable if it is difficult for someone to leave their home.

A geriatric massage can be somewhat similar to a hospice or even oncology based massage, depending on the severity of someone's conditions or their goals for a session. Massage is beneficial for all, no matter the age.

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