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A look into our practice....

Specific Health Massage Therapy was established in October 2021 by owner and operator Kayla Stroud-DuSavage LMT. Their idea into the practice was to create a space for all and be able to share there knowledge with those who walked into the door.

The idea behind the name came from Kayla wanting to work with specific issues, discomforts or pains someone may be having, as she looks at each person differently to find out what may work best for them. Each session is tailored to fit an individual's needs, no cookie cutter massage, not one technique or modality works for the same person or all.

Kayla has been able to adapt her skills in any environment she is in, giving her experience from a wide array of areas in which has created great interpersonal and communication skills throughout her 10 years in practice.

She has brought these skills to many areas in her life being able to share her journey through community events, seminars, chair events, athletic endeavors, volunteer opportunities, competitions and more. Learning new skills and techniques each year to keep up with licensing and provide the best she can for her clients.

A look into her practice and you can understand the quality care she puts into each person's massage and her willingness to provide the best she can.

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