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10 health benefits of massage

If you’ve ever received a massage you understand the many benefits it poses, besides just feeling relaxed and rejuvenate.

People use massage for a number of different treason wether it be they referred themselves to it, a doctor suggested, health care provider encouraged it or maybe a loved one has a good therapist and recommended who they use.

Here are just a number of benefits of getting a massage (no matter the frequency in which you get them):

  1. Promote relaxation and reduce stress

  2. Aid in pain relief and muscle recovery

  3. Improve mental health by alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety

  4. Increase ROM

  5. Injury recovery

  6. Increase lymphatic circulation

  7. Boost immunity

  8. Sharpen focus

  9. Improve sleep

  10. Headache relief

Each person may feel the number of effects listed from getting a massage, it can vary. The type of massage could also be based off of the results or expectations you are wanting to get out of it based on your goals.

Thats why communicating with your therapist on what you are wanting to get out of your session is important and key. Be sure to pick the right therapist for you as each one has there own unique techniques and specialtizies for your overall goal.

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